Resistance Training: The Fountain of Youth

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Resistance Training

One of the important thing to remember about resistance training is that it's not how heavy you lift, but how you lift. Start with a lower weight, but make sure your form is good and you will see better results.

Get started today, it's never too late.  Make a goal and track your progress.

Have a friend join you and motivate each other towards your goals, or even make it a competition


Resistance Training: The Fountain of Youth

l Oxygen capacity decline. The more muscle, the more efficiently your body utilizes oxygen.

l Body fat increase and muscle atrophy. Muscle increases metabolism because each pound of muscle burns 35 calories a day just staying alive, while a pound of fat burns four. More muscle allows you to burn more calories even at rest.

l Muscle strength decrease. When muscle strength degenerates, energy goes along with it. Increased muscle tissue increases energy.

l Decreased bone mass. Working with weights increases bone density in much the same way muscles enlarge when overload strain is applied.

Perform strength training at least twice a week to realize its benefits.